My themes have various sources, and are informed by media imagery, abstraction, cropping, anecdotes, the world seen through my children’s eyes. I also trawl my past work, combing over previous interests, holding up their form and meaning (to me then) with their relevance to me now; visit

Yet, throughout the time I solely concentrated on abstraction as a painter I would look ‘over the fence’ and wanted to engage with was a world of imagery that lay outside of this. I particularly admired Gerhard Richter who seemed to slip easily between figuration and abstraction, between photography and paint. To this end I’ve begun to experiment with these seemingly opposite ends of the spectrum in the hope I can draw out the essential aspects that I’m interested, which may or may not include… the concept, the image, knowledge, (some) humour, irony (I’m a bit bored by it but can’t help it)…I’ll get back to you with this list

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