SeaView Crafts comprises three artists/makers from the same family who are inspired by the seaside to produce textile art, watercolour paintings and hand-crafted gifts.

Textile artist John Hall is self-taught and uses embroidery threads to produce his pictures, which include traditional themes: deckchairs, beach huts, boats and much more.

Watercolour artist Sharon Hall, BA(hons) in Fine Art, is inspired by the Wirral coastline to capture familiar scenes and evocative seascapes. Her seaside illustrations suggest the nostalgia of times past.

Knitter/maker Celia Hall has been sewing and knitting for the past 15 years and uses the colours of the seaside to produce a wide variety of gifts, from scarves, bags and purses to knitted boats. The stitches used in making scarves are intricate, and show wonderfully the craft of the hand-knitter.