Rob D Davies is an artist who is pulled between aspects of nostalgia and the sublime. The subject he consistently returns to in his work is the landscape. His recent series of large paintingsd on paper depict the landscape as both fragmented and also in a state of becoming alive. This semi-imaginary landscape could be seen as a reflection of the mind, and the tendency for fantasies to interrupt the ordinary world.

He is attempting to depict an unseen energy that aims to heighten the scene into a state of hyper-reality. From this, fragments of Hollywood pop open like a bubble within the hills of the English landscape. The desire for the idyllic landscape or utopian world where we are at one with nature is a contrast to the haunting death and chaotic order of reality.

Rob takes some inspiration from the glimpsed views of the countryside while travelling on a motorway, when the eye happens to see beyond the metal barrier into a gorge or piece of idyllic, primeval wilderness.

The interventions could represent psychological phenomena – hallucinations, daydreams – or just ignorance towards conventions. There is an attraction towards the traditional, as well as a tiredness with the polite conventions of the pastoral scene.

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