I have been on a creative journey since entering a period in my life when I at last had the time to devote to my physically creative nature.

The first step was to make the decision to invest my time in artistic interpretation in a different form than painting and drawing. My interest in glass was fulfilled when I discovered this was a medium which was far more accessible than I had realised. As I learned more I became enthused and enthralled by fusing glass and kiln working with glass.

As I became more advanced in my work the display of the pieces I was producing became problematic. There was little depth to certain art glass pieces, they appeared two dimensional and the commercial moulds available did not give me the uniqueness I was looking for. With this in mind I made a conscious decision that I did not wish to rely on commercially produced display items; instead the display of the glass I was making needed to be handcrafted too. I wanted to create my own displays in clay and, if possible, to produce a few moulds to make more natural forms of glass that mimicked seascapes.

Therefore, I needed to learn how to work in clay, which over the past 18 months has been fulfilled by finding classes run by a very experienced artist who understood what I was aiming for.

This allowed me to fulfil my aim of creating a stoneware display stand for a single glass wave, which was accepted for exhibition by the Wirral Arts Society at the Williamson Art Gallery in 2015. Also by successfully making a mould to slump a preformed piece of glass into a horizontal rippled cresting wave.

Finally, I have created a gradually cresting and falling, or tubing, wave in glass displayed upon six separate ceramic bases.
I now look forward to the continuation of my journey in glass with the potential of many more creative steps ahead …….

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