From first entering a darkroom I was interested in merging layers, combining images & exploring the possibilities of printing onto none traditional surfaces, the results of which can be seen here

With the advent of digital technology & lack of darkroom facilities I have sorted out other methods of mixing images using reflections & in the case of Photoshop, layers. I had been combining layers of stone & textures with my landscapes for some time, but unhappy with the results I developed a way of transferring an image directly onto the stone & after much trial & error I found my perfect surface in Travertine. The permeable surface lends itself to the transfer, enabling the image to take on the markings, divots & texture of the stone creating an aged, almost historic image; it appears as though it could have been discovered amongst ancient relics a mile away from crystal clear digital technology.

The main themes of my work are landscape, architectural structures & other details found in the urban environment including my series documenting pubs. I am also interested in documenting travel & time, the journey & the effect time has on surfaces, places & the environment.

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