LiWei Chen moved to the UK 14 years ago and is a traditional Chinese artist who learnt her Calligraphy from her father and obtained her art and design degree when she was in China.

She belongs to the Phoenix Chinese art studio, which has 5 artists, from 3 generations of traditional Chinese artists. Calligraphist ShiJun Chen, Liwei Chen’s father, is a retired university Chinese teacher, who is still practising his favourite art every day. Weiyu Zhan is a Chinese artist who teaches at Yunnan university. Her art has won a lot of awards for young generation artists. Sihan Chen, and Zidan Chen, both started their painting at a very young age, when they were 5. Now 12 and 9 respectively, their passion for art is spreading and expanding.

Chinese art, especially traditional painting and Calligraphy, is unique; having 2-3 thousand years of history and a wide variety of styles, with each different dynasty having its own style and different artists also having their own style.

Traditionally we use a different type of paper, brush and even ink from western painting and writing. Artists have kept alive the traditional methods of making and using these tools (there are pages on the Phoenix art studio website talking about the tools and how to use them).

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