‘Two Questions’

“Photographers have long sought to classify and sort individuals, Sander had seven categories of occupation within his ‘Face of our time’ and ‘People of the 20th Century’. Others have created typology by age, gender or ethnicity.

“By asking two questions of my sitters and sorting according to their response I hope to see beyond the outward characteristics.

“An A4 hard backed glossy photobook forms the basic platform for the piece. The handwriting of each sitter was digitised and laser etched into the paper adding a tactile, textural dimension. This ‘Two Questions’ artist’s book is the first in a series of ongoing artist’s books; Open Studio Tour visitors are invited to sit for a portrait to lend their image to future editions.”


“Employing destructive techniques in the darkroom to physically alter the negatives, these images explore heritance within my own family. Great Granny Storr’s chin is evident in one child but the Heath profile pervades in another. The final images can be eerie and unsettling, referencing memento mori.”

‘Pinhole Messing’

“Slowing down hectic communal eating spaces using long exposure pinhole photography reduces hectic modern life to wisps and clouds. A photo series made using a wooden medium format pinhole camera and developed in the darkroom. Juxtaposition of domestic and commercial dining spaces is achieved using double exposure.”

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