Kirstie graduated with a BA (Hons) Fine Art from Wirral Metropolitan College in 2014. Following graduation, Kirstie took part in the 2014 Open Studios tour. At this time, her work focused upon the use of natural found objects to produce collages. This included creating patterns and shapes from the unconscious, very much mirroring practices used by the Surrealists to access the unconscious.

Since graduating, Kirstie has continued to practice as an artist, meeting with and working alongside local artists. She has continued to explore creative processes which are both influenced by her surroundings and the unconscious. Kirstie remains strongly influenced by Surrealist practices, often creating doodles from the unconscious to produce sketches as a starting point for her paintings. Currently, she is producing small works using acrylic and inks. These are usually colourful and detailed. The landscapes and contexts produced are often fun, mysterious and/or dreamlike. Kirstie continues to have an interest in pattern and repetition, often using a given shape or form many times within and across paintings.

Kirstie currently works from her studio at home.