The first time I saw naturally dyed silk in the sunshine, I felt like I was seeing real colour for the first time!

Most of us only ever experience synthetic, seemingly ‘perfect’ flat colour yet the variations of tone, the vibrancy, the aroma and sometimes even the beautiful imperfections of botanically coloured cloth seemed to resonate with the nature that created them and with my personal ethics.

I am both a textile designer and a yoga teacher and these two strands of interest continually fuel each other.

As my yoga practice deepened I became more and more concerned about the impact and influence my textile work might have on the environment.

Having been previously trained to use highly toxic dyes during my BA (Hons) in Textiles Fashion almost 20 years ago, I discovered natural fabric dyeing during my MA studies in 2011.

I’m now a ‘natural colour evangelist’ and am passionate about sharing this almost forgotten heritage craft.

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