Joanne Frankel is a textile artist based in South Wirral, Cheshire. Originally from the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire and still a place she very much regards as home, Joanne grew up surrounded by the Forests wonderful and ancient woodlands, rolling hills and rivers as well as a variety of wildlife.

After gaining a first class honours degree in design in 2014, Joanne chose to specialize in textile art exploiting its natural and unique textural qualities. Joanne combines her passion for drawing and painting with contemporary textile techniques taking inspiration from the innate irregularity of patterns found in nature capturing its unique beauty and unpredictability. Influenced by botanical illustrations united with an exploration of the imagination, Joanne creates distinctive representations of art found in nature.

Recently Joanne has been inspired by the Victorian fascination for decorative arts and the preservation and presentation of nature under glass domes and within cabinets and cases. Joanne has created her own ‘Collection of Rarities’ as part of an ongoing theme incorporating her “micro-blooms”, a combination of micro-organisms and floral images, which can be found present in all of Joanne’s work.

She is a member of two contemporary textile art groups that regularly exhibit; both groups are an established textile network with dedicated practicing artists that are passionate and committed to the promotion of textile art.

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