Wirral is an area of contrasts. Whilst I am inspired by nature, landscape and coast, I am also fascinated by local industrial history, its growth, decline and resurgence. My work is therefore quite diverse and includes shipbuilding and dockside workers, women’s lives, and the natural world. I work in a variety of mediums – paint, ceramic, photography and the written word, to evoke memories and reflections on strength and resilience. Every piece I produce is unique and tells a story. This might be the triumph of human spirit over adversity; the mystery and strength of nature or the decay, and beauty, of industrial objects.

I like to experiment and push the boundaries of what is possible, particularly with clay and I may then explore that theme in painting or poetry. Creating pieces that evoke a memory, emotion or shared resonance with human experience is my goal.

Recently I have been working on pieces relating to women and Irish history and this will be a new strand of work for my 2016 Open Studio, based at The Rathbone Studio in Birkenhead.

Email: maskellmedia@aol.com

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