Coastal and landscape forms, light and movement influence my work in watercolour, oils and drawing techniques. I’m also intrigued by the potency of objects, mainly personal but also in the outdoor environment, to convey a moment in a private or social history or as an alternative to conventional portraiture.

I teach classes from my studio and use watercolour experimentally, most recently in a series of wave studies produced after sailing or swimming. The force of the sea feels most powerful to me conveyed in dark muted shades with emerging highlights curving out to the observer.

Recently I have been making studies of laundry, bed linen and household fabrics: also wave-like but which evoke different emotions because of personal associations such as sorting and donating my sister’s clothes following her illness and death in 2009.

Drawing (mark-making) is a daily practice, such as sketching my son unawares on his phone, or electrical wires making lines in the sky, the urban environment and other stolen motifs/moments. Life is fleeting and suffers with too much control; nature always wins in the end.

I live close to the sea, as I have done all my life, having moved from Belfast to Liverpool in 1977 to study BA (Hons) Fine Art. The Irish Sea connects my home to my place of birth.

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