I am a thirty five year old part time artist residing in Wallasey. I work mainly in acrylic paints.

The aim of my work is to try to explore and express the human relationship with technology, and how it might affect vital aspects of our lives, such as our memory. Sometimes I wonder if what we see through computer screens and televisions is influencing our actual memory’s experience. Is there a potential risk of technology over-riding our inner thoughts and what we have witnessed in person? I see the glitches in my paintings as a representation of the potential disparity caused by trying to capture too many of life’s events, both important and trivial, through technology and not with your own eyes.

Over the past few years my work has gained increasing exposure at various galleries in the UK. Last April I was selected as one of eight artists to take part in the Platform for Emerging Arts #10 at the Leyden Gallery, London. In December I took part in Exhibit Here’s Art Maze at the Oxo Tower Bargehouse, London. My painting ‘A View From Sir Thomas Street’ was exhibited in the dot-art Gallery’s Liverpool Collection, from November 25th to January 21st. I have also been selected as dot-art.co.uk featured artist on their website for February.

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