From my earliest memories I have sketched the landscape and the wildlife along the coast where I lived in Formby. Landforms and their margins were themes I explored in Machine Embroidery in the 1980’s. When I retired from teaching in 2005, I pursued an Applied Art degree at Glyndwr University rediscovering the challenge of experimentation with clay, metal, wood and glass. Fused Glass is my chosen medium to create panels that can hang both in the home or be placed outside in the garden. Designs and pastel paintings develop from sketches and photos as I travel; pursuing an interest in our world’s different cultures and lands. The glass images celebrate successful landscapes, wildlife areas and in particular returning insects and birdlife to once neglected areas.

Working with the coloured American Bullseye glass with its exceptional clarity gives me many techniques to use and the process feels like I am ‘ Painting with Glass ‘. I can overlap layers of different colours to produce a flat sheet of glass with a variety of shades and tones as if painting with watercolours. Ground glass suspended in a painting medium allows me to draw and paint creating images from my sketch books. Textures are produced by finer grades of glass and copper pieces on top or within the big layers of glass.

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