I am a visual artist, originally from Ireland, based in New Brighton. I have exhibited in Ireland, North and South, Blackburn House Liverpool, the Wlliamson Art Gallery and Museum Birkenhead, La Cheze Britanny, London, and Larnaca, Cyprus.

I work in a variety of media dictated by what I am trying to convey,and what seems to be the most appropriate to the concept. This can include batik, print, acrylics, plaster, clay and wood. I also like working with found materials, such as drink cans. I am not rigid in my planning, and often ideas for further work come from explorations of existing or ongoing pieces.

While I am interested in many art forms and movements, German Expressionism excites me the most. l love the subjective perspective it offers to convey or evoke moods or ideas. Much of my work is social commentary, and references my own Irish culture, and other themes.

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