As an artist who enjoys a great appreciation of art practices. It seems that I have latched myself firmly into the drawing process.

My practice explores various aspects of lives experiences, the venerability of human existance. Time and movement, ideas about morality. To visualise movement and time is almost impossible in its simplest form. I have had to rely on visual reference of my own experience to illustrate comparisons. Although I have moved on from these ideas they still underpin later work. I have a series of drawings relating to the devastation of the first world war. I later developed an understanding of The British landscape and became fascinated by themes and historic standards by which landscape could be measured. I have experimented with ink washes to acquire a more fluid and movable content towards my work. Birkenhead Priory and Leasowe Lighthouse are areas chosen for my observations.

Further experimentation I have found my work becoming more abstract.

I am at present working on a series of smaller abstract landscapes. Finding images in the tiny crevices of lines and marks. I am also working on a large scale composition to illustrate my experience of the music and sound of the late David Bowie. This is going to be high definition and hyper real in its completion.