Venue 1:
Rathbone Studio
28 Argyle Street, Birkenhead CH41 6AE

My landscapes are based mainly on places and images I have found on The Wirral, North Wales or the Isle of Man. I constantly collect references through sketches, photographs or physical items from hedgerows and beaches.  I combine linear expression using graphite, pencils or pens with the fluidity of watercolour. Working towards abstraction I experiment with technique and composition. The range of paints and other media expands all the time and I love the new colours and discovering characteristics that invite the artist to push boundaries to achieve different effects. Whichever medium I choose to use may be painted or dribbled or sprayed or whatever means the subject calls for; I use brushes, sticks, cards, fingers…

I have ventured into ceramics and am enjoying the challenges of using different clays and surface decoration to extend my means of artistic expression.